The average life of central air conditioning is 10 to 15 years here in Florida.
How old is yours?

5 yrs

14 yrs

9 yrs

18 yrs

If there is no other solution and your old system must be replaced, contact us and we’ll help you decide which new system is right for you. During your consultation, we will serve as your expert Comfort Advisor. We’ll take into consideration a number of factors, including your budget, the size and age of your home, the number of rooms in your home, climate and location, local and regional utility costs, degree days, efficiency, utility incentive rebate programs, environmental issues, and warranty coverage. We’ll even do a free estimate of the total installation cost.

When you buy a new system from Alpha Comfort Design, Inc., our experienced team will make sure that you know what you’re purchasing and that you understand what to expect from your new cooling or heating system. Our retrofits are all permit pulled. The energy calculations on your home will be provided to you and the completed project will be inspected by local city or county officials.

Call us today to arrange a consultation about your new indoor air system. We guarantee great prices on residential and commercial systems. Show us a written estimate from our competitors and, after discussing it, we’ll offer you a better price for the same proposed items.


Tonnage14 – SEER15 – SEER16 – SEER18 – SEER
1.5$2,889.98$3,420.18$4,189.15Call for Pricing
2.0$2,949.89$3,393.19$4,249.80Call for Pricing
2.5$3,134.80$3,701.35$4.432.89Call for Pricing
3.0$3,258.55$3,799.55$4,499.10Call for Pricing
3.5$3,569.87$3,850.15$4,680.80Call for Pricing
4.0$3,789.55$3,999.75$4,889.80Call for Pricing
5.0$3,880.75$4,501.15Call for PricingCall for Pricing

*Above pricing including labor , and equipment cost only
*Local taxes , permit fees , and miscellaneous material costs are extra.

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