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At Alpha Comfort Design, Inc., your comfort is our promise! When you choose our HVAC company, we will show you what component failed, why it failed, and we will explain how to prevent future failures from occurring. We will also explain the importance of maintenance check-ups to avoid breakdowns during the worst time of the year for climate control failures, April to November. Preventative maintenance of your central air conditioning and heating system is very similar to a vehicle’s oil change and tune-up. In our experience, most emergency repair calls are for systems that have not been maintained.

Routine maintenance and tune-ups to extend your unit’s life span!

The benefits of regular maintenance include maximizing your system’s performance, improving indoor air quality, lengthening the life of your equipment, and reduced costs for labor and repairs when a breakdown happens. Our preventative maintenance approach involves ongoing, continuous measurement of the key performance parameters of your equipment, such as voltage draws, vibration levels, particulate contamination of oil, refrigerant levels and overall performance.


Why Choose Alpha Comfort Design?

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Our hard-working, highly experienced craftsmen and technicians are extensively trained and have a broad knowledge of their field–you won’t find a more skilled team in the greater Orlando area!

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We are continuously educating ourselves, undergoing factory training, and keeping our trade certifications up-to-date to deliver the highest quality of service to our customers.

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We are local comfort-makers with a unique customer approach, dedicated to serving our customers around the clock and designing the best cooling and heating solutions to suit their needs.

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We are dedicated to using efficient, proven techniques and the best tools and software in the industry to ensure unmatched comfort in our designs.

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When it comes to repairs, our trucks are stocked with factory-certified parts to provide our customers with the most effective results for the best prices.

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We are an official HVAC contractor for the largest home warranty companies in the country for both commercial and residential applications. We offer the latest available HVAC equipment for your indoor comfort.

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